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 Post subject: Books About Preparedness
PostPosted: Wed Dec 21, 2011 3:14 pm 
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Books-Preparedness Book List

The following is an extensive book list from "Jerry D Young", who is a member of several preparedness forums:

My emergency preparedness library:

Civil defense titles

In Time Of Emergency
Basic Course In Emergency Mass Feeding
Handbook For Emergencies
Ten For Survival
Personal And Family Survival - Student Manual
The National Fallout Shelter Program
Identification (Survey) Of Fallout Shelter In Existing Buildings
Provisioning Shelters
Description, Storage, and Handling of Public Fallout Shelter Supplies and Equipment
Guidance On Water Containers Stored In Public Fallout Shelters
Acquisition And Distribution of Fallout Shelter Supplies (Except RADEF)
Fallout Shelter Water Requirements (Supersedes Part D, Chapter 2, Appendix 4, Nov 1963)
Fallout Shelter Food Requirements
Fallout Shelter Sanitation Kits
Maintenance of Law and Order During Civil Defense Emergencies Appendix 1 - Planning and Programs, Appendix 2 - Orientation and Training
Civil Defense Emergency Operations Planning
Emergency Lodging
Emergency Feeding
Emergency Clothing
Emergency Welfare Registration and Inquiry
What The Planner Needs To Know About Blast And Shock
What The Planner Needs To Know About Electromagnetic Pulse
What The Planner Needs To Know About Initial Nuclear Radiation
What The Planner Needs To Know About Fallout
What The Planner Needs To Know About The Shelter Environment
What The Planner Needs To Know About The Post-Shelter Environment
Application To Emergency Operations Planning
The Mayor's Command Center, Washington, D.C.
Fallout Protection In The Design Of New Industrial Facilities - A Special Report To Business And Industrial Executives
Industrial Civil Defense Workbook - First Steps To Company Survival
Civil Preparedness Principles Of Warning
EMP Threat & Protective Measures
EMP Protection For Emergency Operating Centers
EMP Protective Systems
Blast Valves And Sensors For Emergency Operating Centers
Probability Of Fallout Debris Deposition
How To Use Your Radiological Instruments (Survey Meter And Dosimeter) To Find the Best Shelter and to Minimize Your Exposure To Radiation
User's Manual - Meteorological Data For Radiological Defense
Radiological Monitor Student Workbook
Disaster Operations - A Handbook For Local Governments
Wind-Resistant Design Concepts For Residences
Tornado Protection - Selecting And Designing Safe Areas In Buildings
Introduction To Civil Preparedness
Standards For Local Civil Preparedness
Community Action For Civil Preparedness
Emergency Communications
Highlights - DIDS - Decision Information Distribution System
Manual For RACES - Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service
Hazardous Material Information System
Plan Ahead For Power Supply Problems
Protection In The Nuclear Age
Fallout Protection - What To Know And Do About Nuclear Attack
Emergency Sanitation At Home
Family Guide - Emergency Health Care
Mass Thickness Manual For Walls, Floors, And Roofs
Shelter Through Architectural Design - The Shielding Requirements Influenc On Form
Technical Standards For Fallout Shelter Design
Design Considerations For Fallout Shelter Ventilating Air Intake Systems
Home Fallout Shelter - Modified Ceiling Shelter - Basement Location - Plan A
Home Fallout Shelter - Modified Ceiling Shelter - Basement Location - Plan B
Home Fallout Shelter - Concrete Block Shelter - Basement Location - Plan C
Home Fallout Shelter - Snack Bar - Basement Location - Plan D
Home Fallout Shelter - Tilt-up Storage Unit Shelter - Basement Location - Plan E
Home Fallout Shelter - Lean-to Shelter - Basement Location - Plan F
Home Fallout Shelter - Outside Concrete Shelter
Home Fallout Shelter - Above Ground Home Fallout Shelter
Family Shelter Designs
The Family Fallout Shelter
Shelters In New Apartments
Shelters In New Homes
Increasing Blast And Fire Resistance In Buildings - Design Techniques For Combined Nuclear Weapon Effects
Disaster Planning Guide For Business And Industry

Family Food Stockpile For Survival
Rural Fire Defense
Defense Against Radioactive Fallout On The Farm
Fallout And Your Farm Food
Disaster Control And Civil Defense In Federal Buildings - A Guide For Facility Self-Protection
Housing With Shelter - Dual-Purpose Residential Fallout Protection
Report To The Congress - Activities And Status Of Civil Defense In The United States

Publications Catalog
Motion Picture Catalog

First Aid

Title Author
Ancient Healing
Do It Yourself Medicine Ragnar Benson
Gray's Anatomy
Magic And Medicine Of Plants Readers Digest
Myths Of The Cherokee And Sacred Formulas Of The Cherokees James Mooney
Survivalist's Medicine Chest Ragnar Benson
The American Medical Association Home Medical Encyclopedia
The Home Remedies Handbook John H Renner
Emergency War Surgery US Government
Ship's Medicine Chest and Medical Aid at Sea US Government
Where There Is No Dentist Murry Dickson
Where There Is No Doctor David Werner

Outdoor skills titles

Title Author
ABC's Of Bowhunting Chuck Adams
All About Camping W. K. Merrill
Backpacking R. C. Rethmel
Boy Scout Fieldbook
Bushcraft Richard Graves
Complete Book Of Outdoor Lore Clyde Ormond
Field Guide To Edible Wild Plants Bradford Angier
Lightweight Backpacking Charles L Jansen
On Your Own In The Wilderness Townsend Whelen & Bradford Angier
Outdoor Survival Skills Larry Dean Olsen
Outdoorsman's Handbook Clyde Ormond
Rifle And Shotgun Shooting
Scoutmaster's Handbook
Survival In The Outdoors Byron Dalrymple
The Compact Book Of Upland Game Birds Ray Ovington
The Complete Guide To Orienteering In North America Berndt Berglund
The Sierra Club Wilderness Handbook David Brower
Wilderness Gear You Can Make Yourself Bradford Angier
Wildwood Wisdom Ellsworth Jaeger


Kurt Saxon's DVD set
Backwoods Home Whole Shebang & life subscription
Modern Survival Guide complete back issues and subscription
Most of the American Survival Guide magazines

Prep manuals & related

Title Author
AFM 64-5 Survival Manual US Air Force
Family Survival Guide - How To Protect You And Your Family Against Terrorism
Fighting Chance - Ten Feet To Survival Arthur Robinson & Gary North
FM 21-76 Survival Manual US Army
FM 5-34 Engineer Field Data US Army
Forecasts, Famines, And Freezes John Gribbin
How To Plan And Develop A Survival Retreat Sidney Ragsdale
How To Posper During The Coming Bad Years Howard J Ruff
How To Prepare For The Coming Crash Robert L Preston
How To Survive The H-Bomb And Why Pat Frank
Let's Get Ready - An Earthquake Prepareness Handbook
Life After Doomsday Bruce D Clayton
Making The Best Of Basics - Family Preparedness Handbook James Talmage Stevens
New Profits From The Monetary Crisis Harry Browne
Nuclear War - The Facts On Our Survival Peter Goodwin
Nuclear War - What's In It For You?
Nuclear War Survival Skills Cresson Kearny
Ragnar's Action Encyclopedia Ragnar Benson
Rawles on Retreats and Relocation James Wesley, Rawles
SAS Survival Handbook John "Lofty" Wiseman
Strategic Relocation Joel M Skousen
Surviving Doomsday C Brice Sibley
Terrorism Survival Guide – Your Family's Prepareness Plan
The Art Of War Sun Tzu
The Book Of Survival Anthony Greenbank
The Complete Housewife Kurt Saxon
The Complete Survival Guide Mark Thiffault
The Family Survival Handbook Martin A Smith & William E Eliason
The Millennium Bug Michael S Hyatt
The Modern Survival Retreat Ragnar Benson
The Russian Disaster - A Survival Handbook For The Nuclear Age Bernard Grossfield
The Secure Home Joel M Skousen
The Survival Retreat Ragnar Benson
The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook Joshua Piven & David Borgenicht
The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook – Travel Joshua Piven & David Borgenicht
You Can Profit From A monetary Crisis Harry Browne
You Can Survive The Bomb Colonel Mel Mawrence


Title Author
A Shelter Sketchbook John S Taylor
Back to Basics Readers Digest
Build-It-Yourself Homestead Organic Gardening & Farming
Carrots Love Tomatoes Louise Riotte
Cold Climate Gardening Lewis Hill
First Lessons In Beekeeping C. P. Danant
Humanure Handbook Joseph Jenkins
Mother Earth News Handbook of Homemade Power Mother Earth News
The Guide To Self-Sufficiency John Seymour
Underground Houses - How to Build A Low-Cost Home Robert L Roy
Wood-Frame House Construction USDA
The Encyclopedia of Country Living Carla Emery


Title Author
Emergency War Surgery US Government
Humanure Handbook Joseph Jenkins
Nuclear War Survival Skills Cresson Kearny
Ship's Medicine Chest and Medical Aid at Sea US Government
Where There Is No Dentist Murry Dickson
Where There Is No Doctor David Werner

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 Post subject: Re: Books About Preparedness
PostPosted: Wed Dec 21, 2011 3:15 pm 
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MORE from Jerry D. Young:

The list was too long for a single post. Here are the fiction titles.


Title Author
After The Rain John Bowen
Afterwar Janet Morris
Airship Nine Thomas H Block
Alas, Babylon Pat Frank
Alligator Shelley Katz
America: R.I.P. Virginia M Fenwick
Amerika Brauna E Pouns & Donald Wrye
Anton Irving A. Greenfield
Atlas Shrugged Ayn Rand
Better Dead Than Red Stanley Reynolds
Blight Mark Sonders
Blizzard George Stone
Blizzard Phil Stong
Cat Five Robert P Davis
Cataclysm: The Day The World Ended Don Pendleton
Catastrophe Planet Keith Laumer
City Wars Dennis Palumbo
Commander-1 Peter George
Creatures Richard Masson
Croc David James
Damnation Alley Roger Zelazny
Dance Of The Apocalypse Gordon Eklund
Darkness And The Deep Vardis Fisher
Day Of The Delphi John Land
Death On A Warm Wind Douglas Warner
Death Wind William C Heine
Doomsday Squad Dom Gober
Doomsday Wing George H Smith
Drought! Ralph Hayes
Emergence David R Palmer
Empire Of The Ants Lindsay West
Eruption Paul Patchick
Farnhams Freehold Robert Heinlein
Fatal Exposure Michael Tobias
Firefight 2000 Dean Ing
Fire-Hunter Jim Kjelgaard
Forbidden Area Pat Frank
Free Flight Douglas Terman
Heat Arthur Herzog
Hurricane Of Ice H. L. Perry
Icequake James Follett
Icequake Crawford Kilian
Level 7 Mordecai Roshwald
Long Voyage Back Luke Rhinehart
Lucifer's Hammer Larry Niven & Jerry Pournelle
Malevil Robert Merle
Man-Eater Ted Willis
Meeting The Bear - Journal Of The Black Wars Lloyd Zimpel
Meteorite Track 291 Edmund H North & Franklin Coen
Meteorite Track 291 Gary Paulson
No Blade of Grass John Christopher
No Truce With Kings Poul Anderson
Oath Of Fealty Larry Niven & Jerry Pournelle
On The Beach Nevil Shute
On The Brink Benjamin Stein & Herbert Stein
Overload Arthur Hailey
Patriots James Wesley, Rawles
Phoenix Island Charlotte Paul
Population Doomsday Don Pendleton
Power Play Kenneth M Cameron
Pulling Through Dean Ing
Quake Rudolph Wurlitzer
Quest For Fire J. H. Rosny
Quest Of The Dawn Man J. H. Rosny
Red Tide D. D.Chapman & Deloris Lehman Tarzan
Seven Days In May Fletcher Knebel & Charles W Bailey II
Shelter Dan Ljoka
Shiva Descending Gregory Benford & William Rotsler
Siege Edwin Corley
Single Combat Dean Ing
Slide Gerald A Browne
Snowbound Bill Pronzini
Some Will Not Die Algis Budrys
Starlight Alfred Bester
Storehouses Of The Snow Edwin Woodard & Heather Woodard Bischoff
Streetleathal Steven Barnes
Sub-Zero Robert W Walker
Such Men Are Dangerous Paul Kavanagh
Sunstrike George Carpozi, Jr
Survival Margin Charles Eric Maine
Survival World Frank Belknap Long
Survivors John Nahmlos
Sweeney's Island John Christopher
Take-Over Louis Rossetto, Jr
The Ashes Series William W Johnstone
The Azriel Uprising Allyn Thompson
The Billion Dollar Killing Paul E Erdman
The Breaking Earth Keith Laumer
The Burnt Lands Richard Elliott
The Colony Mary Vigliante
The Coming World Earthquake Joe Musser
The Crash of '79 Paul E Erdman
The Day New York Went Dry Charles Einstein
The Day Of The Animals Donald Porter
The Day The Oceans Overflowed Charles L Fontenay
The Day They Invaded New York Irwin Lewis
The Deadly Frost Terrence Moan
The Divide William C Overgard
The Drowned World J. G. Ballard
The End of the Dream Philip Wylie
The Endless Tunnel Howard H Hilton
The Freeman Jerry Ahern & Sharon Ahern
The Green Rain Paul Tabori
The Hab Theory Allan W Eckert
The Hermes Fall John Baxter
The Hot Zone Richard Preston
The Iron Rain Donald Malcolm
The Last Days Of America Paul E Erdman
The Long Tomorrow Leigh Brackett
The Long Winter John Christopher
The Movement Norman Garbo
The Night Of The Toy Dragons Barney Cohen
The Outrider Series Richard Harding
The Silver Bears Paul E Erdman
The Spike Arnaud de Borchgrave & Robert Moss
The Spook Who Sat By The Door Sam Greenlee
The Steel, The Mist, And The Blazing Sun Christopher Anvil
The Survivalist Series Jerry Ahern
The Sword Of Allah Richard Elliott
The Third World War Sir John Hacket
The Third World War: The Untold Story Sir John Hacket
The Traveler Series D. B. Drumm
The Wanderer Fritz Leiber
The Warlord Series Jason Frost
The Wind From Nowhere J. G. Ballard
Thirst! Charles Eric Maine
This Crowded Earth Robert Bloch
Through Darkest America Neal Barrett, Jr
Tidal Wave Martin Wallace Tyler
To Renew The Ages Robert Coulson
Train Wreck Jeremiah Jack
Triumph Philip Wylie
Tsunami Crawford Kilian
Warday Whitley Strieber & James Kunetka
Weather War Leonard Leokum & Paul Posnick
World War III Force of Arms Ian Slater
Wrath Of God Robert Gleason

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 02, 2017 7:53 pm 
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Image ... ndbook.pdf


  • Training Your Senses, Sounds and Smells: Interpreting Animal Actions
  • Bears: Other Wildlife, Rabies, Dequilling a Dog; Wildlife on Highways, Snakes: Treating a Snake Bite-, Other Reptiles
  • Wasps, Hornets, and Bees: Scorpions and Spiders: Mosquitos and Blackflies; Horseflies and Deerflies-, Chiggers and Itch
    Mites: Ticks, Caterpillars; Coping with Itching Bites
  • Poison Ivy: Poison Sumac; Poison Oak; Stinging Nettle
  • Choosing a Compass, Using Map and Compass; Wilderness Maps
  • Binocular Savvy; Selecting Binoculars: Other Optics
  • Which Knife for What?
  • How Many Knives?
  • Knife Care;
  • Sharpening a Knife
  • Choosing an Ax;
  • Cutting with an Ax
  • Choosing a Chain Saw
  • Cutting Techniques: Chain Saw Safety
  • Campfire Woods; The Hardwoods or Deciduous Trees; The Softwoods or Conifers;
  • Choosing a Canoe,
  • Choosing a Paddle
  • Loading, Launching and Landing;
  • Paddling a Canoe
  • The Bow;
  • The Arrow;
  • Accessories
  • Selecting Snowshoes-, Snowshoe Construction, What to Look For; Harnesses; Footwear; Outer Garments; Other Equipment,
  • Tips on Travel; Snowshoeing Hazards
  • Equipment;
[*]Techniques; Waxing Cross-Country Skis
  • Driving a Snowmobile;
  • Be Well Equipped;
  • Be Properly Dressed
  • Snowmobile Safety
  • Taking Care of Your Catch;
  • Taking Care of Wild Meat-,
  • Dressing Big Game; Skinning Big Game; Equipment; Dressing Small Game; Game Birds, Dressing Game Birds; Skinning Game Birds; Plucking Game Birds
  • The Seven Deadly Enemies;
  • To Stay or To Walk Out?
  • Shelters;
  • Fire;
  • Signals; Ground to Air Signals;
  • Food and Water;
  • Edible Plants,
  • Wildlife;
  • Cooking and Preserving Meat:
  • Survival Kits',
  • File a Flight Plan
  • General Rules, Accidents; Illnesses

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