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 Post subject: The Need to Prepare
PostPosted: Tue Nov 28, 2006 4:18 pm 
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The Need to Prepare
Pandemics (worldwide spread of infection) have happened three times since 1917: in 1968 (Hong Kong Flu), 1957 (Asian Flu) & 1918 (Spanish Flu). Spanish Flu, the worst, rapidly spread to become a pandemic causing millions of deaths worldwide. There is currently NO vaccine available and there will not be one BEFORE a pandemic begins.

A pandemic has the potential to cause massive disruption of ‘essential services’ throughout the world at the same time. The production & delivery of food, water, fuel and daily supplies could be interrupted for weeks or months at a time, resulting in shortages. Utilities (water, gas, phone & electric) may temporarily fail. Schools, churches, stores & businesses may close. Hospitals and other healthcare facilities, overburdened with the ill, may be unable to serve all those in need. Police, Fire and EMS may be understaffed & unavailable due to illness, resulting in civil unrest and lawlessness.

Why Prepare?
Many experts feel that a Pandemic occurrence is long overdue. Currently, the H5N1 influenza virus poses the biggest threat in recent history. To date, this virus (aka: ‘Avian Flu’, ‘Bird Flu’ or ‘Super Flu’) has spreadto over 50 countries with a death rate over 50%. As this virus
strengthens and mutates (changes), it’s ability to pass from human to human increases. A vaccine cannot be produced for this (or any) new flu strain until AFTER it begins passing through the population. ‘Sheltering in place’ may be a necessary precaution for several

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 Post subject: Re: The Need to Prepare
PostPosted: Thu Sep 23, 2010 3:02 pm 
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Preparation for emergencies is preparing for ANYTHING that can affect the NORMAL ROUTINE in your DAILY LIFE. I have been promoting emergency home preparation for the past several years and have attended many national Emergency Management conferences. This is not a concern due to 'Paranoia aka a "paranoid power trip"', 'Christian Hype', 'Extremism' and a sundry of other excuses that many have often referred to. Emergency Managers and Emergency agencies are aware of the many situations that families can find them selves from something as 'simple' as a loss of jobs to an extreme situation from weather, disaster or terrorism. The scale of emergencies is wide.

The people who refer to themselves as 'Preppers' have looked at current world and weather events, evaluated the risk at hand (given our 'just in time' supply for daily goods and taken the advice of the agencies to prepared.

Preparation can be as simple as 2-weeks of supplies in hand (IN ADDITION to what is currently in your household) or you can prepare for the extended lengths of time that others have mentioned in these posts. Preparation should be what you can afford and what you feel comfortable with, knowing that what preparations you HAVE made can only help your family, when you find yourself in need.

Homeland Security, FEMA and the American Red Cross have ALL been advocating home preparedness in more recent years, with programs like the ‘Be Ready’ campaign. They have openly suggested that households prepare from 3 days to 2 weeks AT THE MINIMUM. If they suggested anything further it would turn people off even considering emergency home preparation because they would be overwhelmed at the mere thought of preparation. Unfortunately, their message has been a relatively quiet one, so many folks may have missed it. See American Red Cross/FEMA: Food and Water in an Emergency (page 4) See Homeland Security ( Get a Kit

And if you think that in a significant disaster/emergency there WILL be goods in stores, the American Trucking Industry has advised that there will NOT be sufficient supplies WITHIN 24 HOURS! See: 'When Trucks Stop America Stops' ... 0Stops.pdf .

If you are taking the time to visit Emergency Home and are realizing that this may be a venture that you want to undertake in your own home, you can also visit sites like http://www.American Preppers Network, and other sites to develop your own balanced decision on emergency home preparation for ALL hazards that can affect your lifestyle.

Additonal Consideration: Watch this video: [youtube][/youtube][/quote]

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 Post subject: Re: The Need to Prepare
PostPosted: Wed Oct 20, 2010 3:52 pm 
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Need to Prepare-Excerpt From LDS Preparedness Manual

LDS Preparedness Manual

Pages 20-21

“When the emergency is upon us, the time of preparation has passed.”


Our food supply is fragile
Grocery stores don’t stock weeks of food anymore. Most keep only 72 hours of food on the shelves. They re-stock based on just-in-time delivery of food supplies. If the trucks stop rolling in your part of the country during a crisis, the store shelves will be emptied almost immediately. In fact, expect a shortage of mainstay items like milk and bread to occur similar to what happens before an approaching hurricane hits. Those who are aware of the problem but who haven’t already made preparations will engage in a last-minute rush to buy a few extra supplies.

Transportation is the key to food

Without transportation, farmers can’t get their crops to the wholesalers or food processing facilities. Food is heavy, generally speaking, and it requires trucks and trains to move it around — a literal ARMY of trucks and trains, weaving their way from city to city, optimized and prioritized by computers. If the computers freeze, the whole transportation infrastructure will shut down.

Transportation also depends heavily on fuel, which means the oil-producing countries in the Middle East have to be able to produce the oil that gets refined into diesel fuel here in America. So, in other words, your food supply depends on Saudi Arabia being alive and well. Do you trust the people in charge in Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, and Kuwait with your life? If you don’t make preparations now, you’re trusting them by default.

Cities depend entirely on rural land
Did you know cities would be ghost towns without the supporting imports of food from the country? We should all thank the farmers a little more, because they literally keep us all alive. Cities are like concrete islands. You might think a city is self-sustaining
until you really think about it, but underneath it all, that city is a ghost town without the people in the country supporting it.

You may already know that city people and country people have very different views on politics and life in general. Country people tend to be more religious and more conservative. City people tend to be more liberal. So there’s more than a little animosity between country people and city people. When a crisis hits, and the country people find they are without electricity and fuel, they will still survive, for the most part, because they’re used to surviving. But do you think they will really put “saving city people” high on their list of priorities? I don’t think so. Any food that’s harvested from the fields will be kept and stored by the farmers themselves. They will NOT be shipping this stuff to the cities unless they have excess goods and can find a transportation method that still works (and has fuel). Unfortunately, if some emergency powers acts are signed into
place by the President, the Federal Emergency Management Association will have the legal power to actually confiscate and redistribute food. This makes it all the more likely that farmers will harvest it and HIDE IT in order to keep it. And that means even less food making it to the cities. Bottom line? Cities where food can’t be delivered will eventually be gutted, looted, evacuated and likely burned to the ground. .....

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 Post subject: Re: The Need to Prepare
PostPosted: Wed Aug 28, 2013 3:58 pm 
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Why You Should Prepare


Many Unprepared For Disaster

May 13, 2007 By Brad Heath, USA TODAY ... cies_N.htm

Many Americans haven't taken basic steps to prepare for a natural disaster and have little confidence the federal government is ready to help them if one strikes. The findings come as the nation braces for a summer that government forecasts predict could bring a worse-than-normal onslaught of hurricanes, tornadoes and wildfires. The first named storm of the year formed Wednesday off the Atlantic coast as fires burned from Florida to Los Angeles and President Bush toured a Kansas town flattened by a tornado.

When it comes to preparing for such disasters, a USA TODAY/Gallup Poll found 41% of people --- CONTINUED at LINK, above ---

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 Post subject: Re: The Need to Prepare
PostPosted: Wed Aug 28, 2013 4:06 pm 
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Why You Should Prepare with Food


The Coming Starvation In America

By James P. Wickstrom
Antechamber. net

The government of the United States, by Law was to always maintain a three year mixed- grain survival storage for every man, woman, and child in the United States.

Like most Laws of the land, the politicians never took heed as to why our wise ancestors had this reserve requirement established. It was to make sure, that, in the time of a National Emergency, the people had the most important mainstay needed for survival individually and as a Nation.


In the 1960's and 1970's ...


By 1996, the United States Department of Agriculture (U. S. D. A.) claimed that there was enough food in ware-house storage to last .....


In 2003, the U. S. D. A. stopped measuring for ...


By September of 2005, there is now only ...

(SNIP) ----- CONTINUED at LINK, above ---

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 Post subject: Re: The Need to Prepare
PostPosted: Thu Feb 13, 2014 3:59 pm 
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Reaction to Coming Emergency-News Report


It Doesn’t Take Much For People To Start Behaving Like Crazed Lunatics

Image If an ice storm can cause this much panic in our major cities, what will a real crisis look like? The biggest news story in the United States right now is the “historic ice storm” that is hammering the South. Travel will be a nightmare, schools and businesses will be closed, and hundreds of thousands of people will lose power. In fact, it is being projected that some people could be without power for up to a week. But at the end of the day, the truth is that this ice storm is just an inconvenience. Yes, the lives of millions of Americans will be disrupted for a few days, but soon the ice will melt and life will be back to normal. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take much for people to start behaving like crazed lunatics. As you will see below, the winter weather is causing average Americans to ransack grocery stores, fight over food items and even pull guns on one another. If this is how people will behave during a temporary weather emergency, how will they behave when we are facing a real disaster.

This is a perfect example that shows why it is wise to always have emergency food supplies on hand. According to CNN, all that is left on the shelves of some grocery stores in Atlanta is “corn and asparagus”…

As the skies turned heavy, Atlantans cleaned stores out of loaves of bread, gallons of milk, bundles of firewood and cans of beans and beer. In some stores, all that was left were the apparently less-popular corn and asparagus.

And according to an Infowars report, some people down in Atlanta were actually getting into fights over basic essentials such as milk and bread…

Atlanta residents ransacked neighborhood grocery stores in frantic preparation for their second major snowstorm of the year, waging fights over food items and leaving destruction and empty shelves in their wake, a stunning precursor to what will ensue once a major crisis impacts the U.S.

After three inches of snow shut the city down two weeks ago, causing major havoc and leaving miles of cars stranded on immobile roadways, the residents of Atlanta took heed and shopped early.

According to people who Tweeted photos of barren store shelves, residents went crazy over essentials like milk, bread, water and eggs, and in some cases “people were fighting. Yes fighting,” alleges one user.

The photo that I have shared below was posted to Twitter by Kris Muir. It shows what the bread aisle at a Kroger in the Atlanta area looked like as the storm approached…


So what would happen if this was an extended crisis and you had not stored up any emergency supplies for your own family?

That is something to think about.

And just like during the last major winter storm in the South, there are reports of hundreds of vehicles being abandoned on the side of the road in major cities. For example, just check out what has been happening in Raleigh, North Carolina

“I live and work in downtown. I was able to get from my office back home. My wife works in Morrisville, about 25 minutes away. She left the office at 12 p.m. and is still on the road. I am coaching her home with Google Maps. It appears that, from WRAL TV, the ramp from Wade Avenue to 440 is blocked by abandoned cars. That is a HUGE ramp (downtown Raleigh to highway).”

We are also seeing quite a few reports of “snow rage” as this cold, snowy winter drags on. In fact, on Sunday someone actually pulled out a shotgun and threatened to shoot a snow plow driver on Long Island

As CBS 2’s Carolyn Gusoff reported Tuesday, people have found themselves fed up with the hassle of plowing, shoveling and salting. In fact, they have been pushed to the edge, to the point where they have been taking out their frustrations on plow drivers.

Eric Ramirez, a snow plow driver on Long Island, said an irate man went so far as to rack a shotgun Sunday and threaten to shoot him because he was piling snow in front of the man’s Manorhaven home.

And a similar incident involving a pistol was recently reported in Union Township

The incident happened Monday afternoon along Underwood Street in Union Township.

Police say Eckert became angry when the self-employed driver, John Abraham, accidentally pushed some snow into his yard while cleaning a neighbor’s driveway.

“I went like this to put it in park and there was a gun right here in my face,” Abraham said.

Eckert is then accused [color=#008000]of taking a .22-calibur pistol out of his coat, and pressing it against Abraham’s cheek,
telling him to remove the snow.[/color]

As I write about so frequently, the thin veneer of civilization that we all take for granted is starting to disappear. A whole host of surveys and opinion polls have shown that Americans are angrier and more frustrated than ever. Our society has become a ticking time bomb, and it isn’t going to take much for it to explode.

When it does explode, most people are going to be depending on the government or someone else to take care of them. The following is a brief excerpt from a recent article by Mac Slavo

Despite warnings from FEMA, as well as the prevalence of popular preparedness TV shows, Americans still don’t seem to understand how susceptible we are to a complete destabilization of life as we know it. It boggles the mind that most people seem to think that when disasters strikes they’ll be able to depend on someone else to provide them with assistance.

Fortunately, at least a few people seem to be learning some lessons about the importance of being prepared from these winter storms…

“Last time I was totally unprepared, I was completely blindsided,” said Lisa Nadir, of Acworth, who sat in traffic for 13 hours and then spent the night in her car when the storm hit Jan. 28. “I’m going to be prepared from now on for the rest of my life.”

What about you?

Are you prepared?

We live at a time when our world is becoming increasingly unstable, and it doesn’t take much to imagine a bunch of scenarios in which this nation would be facing a major crisis for an extended period of time…

    -A major eruption of Mt. Rainier or the Yellowstone supervolcano

    -The “Big One” hits California

    -A massive earthquake along the New Madrid fault line

    -A highly infectious pandemic that kills tens of millions of Americans

    -Hackers bring down the Internet or crash the banking system

    -A massive tsunami hits either the east coast or the west coast destroying numerous major cities

    -A major war erupts in the Middle East and the United States gets involved

    -A crisis involving North Korea sparks a major war in Asia

    -A terror attack that specifically targets our power grid

    -A terror attack involving a weapon of mass destruction in one of our major cities

    -A terror attack or a major natural disaster causes one or more nuclear facilities in the heart of the United States to experience a “Fukushima-like crisis”

    -A massive EMP blast that fries our electrical grid and our communications systems

    -Last but certainly not least, a massive economic collapse that fundamentally changes life in America on a permanent basis

So what do you think?

Are there additional scenarios that you would add to the list above?

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