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Woodson: Consumer Drug Stockpiling for the Coming Pandemic
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Author:  Reese [ Mon Feb 11, 2008 6:20 pm ]
Post subject:  Woodson: Consumer Drug Stockpiling for the Coming Pandemic

ImageConsumer Drug Stockpiling for the Coming Pandemic

http://www.birdflumanual.com/resources/ ... efault.asp

These essays were written to help consumers enlist the help of their doctor to obtain prescriptions needed for use during the pandemic.

Start out by reading the essay entitled Enlisting Your Doctor’s Help. This piece provides you with an insight into doctor psychology and gives you tips on how to successfully approach your doctor and obtain his or her help.

The other essays in the folder all deal with consumer stockpiling and related issues. The forces in opposition to stockpiling are mighty. A considerable amount of attention has been paid to why the arguments against stockpiling are flawed, especially in the essay entitled Consumer Stockpiling Pros and Cons.

Some are updated essays written in 2005 and 2006 in support of consumer stockpiling of medication for use during the pandemic including Support for a Personal Tamiflu Stockpile and Stocking Up on Regular Medications.

Each essay is written as a stand-alone document. They include the rationale for stockpiling with each addressing this complex issue from a slightly different perspective. These essays can be used to provide you with talking points during discussions with your doctor or they can be printed out and given to the doctor directly.

All the essays have been assembled in a single booklet, Consumer Medication Stockpiling. I do not recommend giving the booklet to the doctor until after they have agreed to help you. It is just too much information to pile on him or her at one time.

Good luck in your quest.

Grattan Woodson, MD, FACP

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Consumer Medication Stockpiling - 54 page pdf file
http://www.birdflumanual.com/resources/ ... ov2006.pdf

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Enlisting Your Doctor's Help - pdf file
http://www.birdflumanual.com/resources/ ... ov2006.pdf

Consumer Drug Stockpiling Pros and Cons - pdf file
http://www.birdflumanual.com/resources/ ... ov2006.pdf

Support for a Personal Tamiflu Stockpile - pdf file
http://www.birdflumanual.com/resources/ ... ov2006.pdf

Stocking Up on Regular Medications - pdf file
http://www.birdflumanual.com/resources/ ... ov2006.pdf

Obstetric Care during the Pandemic - pdf file
http://www.birdflumanual.com/resources/ ... ov2006.pdf

Dear Colleague Letter 22Nov2006 - pdf file
http://www.birdflumanual.com/resources/ ... 2006-1.pdf

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