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 Post subject: Vinegar-Household Uses
PostPosted: Mon Nov 15, 2010 3:59 am 
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Vinegar-Household Uses



By Linda Gabris

Call me a sourpuss, if you will, but I love vinegar and can’t imagine a day going by without calling upon one type or another for cooking, curing, or cleansing purposes.


Around the house

Sparkling glass. Add distilled white vinegar to water when washing windows and glass decorations. Cuts grease and grime and deters buildup. A quarter cup added to rinse water leaves dishes squeaky clean.

Clean and disinfect chopping blocks. To remove meat, onions, garlic, fish, and other odors, rub with baking soda then sprinkle with white distilled vinegar. Let stand until fizzling stops, then rinse with scalding water and air dry.

Coffee pots. Half distilled white vinegar, half water. Run it through pot to remove lime and calcium deposits. Use in tea kettle, too.

Rid smoke, musky, and pet wet odors. To remove smoke or musky odors from clothes or blankets, add 2 cups white distilled vinegar to the final rinse water. Also rids mothball odor. To remove pet wet from carpets—sponge with equal parts white distilled vinegar and water.

Wash machine. To remove soap residue and scum from wash machine, let fill with hot water, add a quart of white distilled vinegar and let stand until soap and scum are dissolved. Then run the cycle through.

Ants. Grandma always said that an ant would never tread in the path of vinegar. Detour them with full strength white distilled vinegar.

Drains. Empty 1/2 cup baking soda into drain. Add 1 cup of white distilled vinegar. Let the carbon dioxide fizzle until its worn out. Rinse with boiling water. Gets rid of greasy odor and buildup.

Microwave oven. Put 1 cup of vinegar in microwave and nuke until boiling. Let set a few minutes. Remove and wipe steam—and odors—from oven. Soak kitchen scrub brushes in leftover hot vinegar to disinfect and remove odor.

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