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 Post subject: Food Item: Matzoh Bread
PostPosted: Thu Mar 22, 2012 3:19 pm 
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Food Item: Matzoh Bread

This question & information is from American Preppers Network:

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Matzo and lentils as prepper foods?

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--I'm not Jewish and I've little or no experience with Jewish food so I can use some information.

I went by a display at the grocery store and they had a bunch of Jewish foods on display. Huge boxes of crackers caught my eye. I'm always interested in checking out food from other cultures that might be shelf stable and add variety.

Matzo is basically flour and water, baked. It's like a form of hardtack. It actually matches some descriptions of hardtack. It likely has a long shelf life if kept dry and sealed...that I've figured out from reading the packaging. It also looks like it's a good way to add calories and carbos for very little weight and cost.

Before I go and buy several cases to put aside...

Does anyone here store Matzo? How long can I expect to store it safely?

I'm thinking it'd be a great option as it's yet another form of cracker. I can get a whole load of them in five big sealed together boxes for just ten bucks, that's lotsa motzo.

Is motzo only eaten during the holidays or is it OK for the rest of the year? (This will help me gauge year round availability.)

Does it go well with peanut butter, MRE cheese, tuna, deviled ham and/or potted meat?

Matzo Pizza?

Thank you, I'd appreciate any experience with matzo and long-term storage. In addition to MRE crackers, pilot bread, and assorted crackers from the Philipines, Korea, Germany, etc., I'd love to add more variety that wasn't too expensive.

There was an article in the local paper about lentils. I've some lentils in storage and I keep forgetting one key attribute, they cook fast. Not much fuel as opposed to beans and it's another form of cheap, long term storage protein.

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--I am Jewish, and can hopefully add to the discussion. Matzoh is available year round, but primarily in areas where Jewish people live. This time of year (before Passover) is by far the best time of year to buy it. Where we live, it is sold for less than $5.00 in a five, one pound box package. Ir stores extremely well as long as it is kept dry, cool and as air tight as possible.

I have some that is 6 years old for preps. We recently tasted it, and it was good. I would expect the shelf life to be at least 10 years, again as along as it is kept in the above mentioned conditions. It is similar to the soda crackers used in life rafts and survival kits, just tastes better!

As far as uses, it can be eaten as is, with any topping you can imagine (peanut butter and jelly is particularly good!). You can also soften it in water, then dry slightly to make soft sandwiches. We also dip it in beaten egg, then fry in oil to make "Matzoh Brei", which is a real breakfast treat.

By the way, we usually buy 10 or so pounds during Passover (when readily available), and eat it literally for an entire year, until the next Passover - it never seems to go bad even when stored in the kitchen pantry.

I believe that it is a good addition to any preppers food list.

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