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Dry-Salting Meat for Preservation
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Author:  Readymom [ Sun Jan 17, 2016 4:06 am ]
Post subject:  Dry-Salting Meat for Preservation

Dry-Salting Meat for Preservation


Preserve Meat (Curing) Meat By Dry Salting Or With A Salt Brine

Image Using salt for preserving (curing) meat has been a big part of food preservation seemingly forever and the technique is still used today. Dry salting or using a salt brine would be one way to preserve meat while living in an environment without electricity.

Salt inhibits the growth of microorganisms (including those on meat). It does this by drawing out water from the microbial cell (by osmosis) due to the high concentration of salt outside the cell. The cell loses water until it reaches a state where it cannot grow and then cannot survive any longer. --- CONTINUED at LINK, above ---

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